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Solitaire is a game that is known around the world. A game whose origin isn’t precisely known. But what we do know is that solitaire is centuries old and has certainly stood the test of time. When you think of the game or even just the name, you’re likely to assume that it’s something that is done alone or in solitary. But here’s something that you might not know – there are ways to play solitaire with multiple people. It’s actually quite easy! But, before you can play solitaire with several people, you must learn how to play it alone. It’s really easy to learn how to play solitaire; that is one of the many reasons that it has been so popular for so long.

How to play Solitaire

The main objective of solitaire is to create 4 foundation piles of cards. Each of those foundation piles would feature only one suit. Suits are the type of cards; either Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, or Clubs. The piles of each suit need to begin with the ace and go up in numerical order until you get to the king. To set up the game, you need to place a face-up card and then additional face-down cards under it in seven piles. Each pile scales up in total. The first pile should have a total of 1 card, the second pile should have a total of 2 cards, the third pile should have a total of three cards, and so on, with the seventh and final pile having a total of 7 cards. Once you’ve fully set up your solitaire game, you can finally begin playing.
Playing solitaire with two people may be just as easy as you expect. You and a friend can easily play solitaire together if you have two decks of cards. You can play solitaire with two people the same way you would just one. It’s set up exactly the same, and the objective is the same, except now you’re racing against your friend. The winner is whoever can complete their game of solitaire first. While this is the easiest way to play solitaire with two people, it is not the only way.
Do you want to play solitaire with two people, but you only have one deck of cards? That’s okay! You can both play solitaire with just a single deck of cards. Playing with a single deck is easy. You start by setting up a normal game of solitaire. The two players then decide between themselves who goes first; an easy way is to flip a coin. The first player will play solitaire until they’ve run out of moves. Then the second player goes until they’ve run out of moves. Both players take turns until there are no more legal moves or the foundation piles are complete. The winner of the game is determined by whoever puts the most cards into the foundation piles. This is one of the reasons you must keep score.
See? Playing solitaire with your friends isn’t difficult at all. You can have tons of fun for hours with just a single deck of cards. All it takes is a few minutes to set up, and then you can outplay all of your friends or even your kids!
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