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Nothing beats the feeling of playing a simple yet exciting game of cards with your friends. Whether in person or online, a card game with friends can be an exciting way to connect and have a good time. Here are some card games that you can try the next time you are looking for something fun to do with your friends.

Card Games to Play With Friends

Solitaire Social

Solitaire Social is the best place to play solitaire online with your friends. With tons of game modes, Solitaire Social has tons of ways to play. Play solitaire against your friends with a variety of fun bonuses in a bright and joyful atmosphere. The next time you want to play cards with your friends online, give one of Solitaire Social’s many different game modes a try.


Rummy is a classic card game that is simple enough to learn and provides hours of exciting play for you and your friends. All you need to play is a traditional deck of 52 cards. To play, the dealer deals each player an odd number of cards, 7 is the most common. The remaining cards get placed in the middle of the table and the top card is flipped faceup as the discard pile. The goal of the game is to collect and play 3 or 4 of a kind and runs of the same suit to earn points. Rummy is great for groups of 2 to 6 people and can even be played in teams.


Spoons is a fast-paced card game that is sure to bring a lot of laughs to your friend group. All you need is a standard deck and a spoon for each player. Place all but one spoon in a circle in the middle of the table. Each player is then dealt five cards. The goal of the game is to collect a four-of-a-kind. The dealer starts by picking a card up from the draw pile. The dealer may pass that to the next player or replace it with a card in his or her hand. This continues until someone gets a four-of-a-kind. As soon as that player gets a four-of-a-kind, they must pick up a spoon. Seeing this, the remaining players need to act fast to pick up a spoon. The player who does not pick up a spoon is out. A new round is started until only one player is remaining.

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is another classic card game that many may be familiar with. This game is perfect for groups of 2-7. The game starts by dealing seven cards to each player. The remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table and the top card is flipped over. Players take turns playing cards that match the suit or the number of the card at the top of the play pile. Eights are wild and can be played at any time. The first player to run out of cards in their hand wins.
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