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Solitaire is a super fun card game that provides a unique gaming experience to the players, especially for the ones that enjoy it at Solitaire Social. The unique game version that can be found at Solitaire Social comes with numerous features that can provide additional excitement and help them win. Every player has their own way of playing Solitaire, but not all tactics end with a win. In this article, we will reveal and describe the 5 best ways to win in a game of Solitaire Social.

Using the Solitaire Social Boosts

Possibly the best way to win in a game of Solitaire Social is to take advantage of the boosts, as they can greatly help you during your game. First on the list is the undo button, which allows you to take a step back and rethink your next move. The hints are the second boosts, which come with a limited number per day and can be used to suggest a decent move based on your cards. Lastly, we have the magnet that will help you in your game by automatically moving a card into its foundation pile. All of these boosts can give you a great advantage in your game that can result in a win.

Taking Advantage of the Magic Tool

The Magic tool is one of the most powerful tools in the game, which can be used just by simply clicking on the “Magic” button. This tool will pull the next playable face-down card from the tableau and automatically play it to its foundation stack. You can earn magic every day by completing daily tasks or by playing for 30 days straight. The magic tool can be very useful if you are out of moves, which potentially can get you back on the winning track.

Making Full Use of the Joker Spell

The joker spell that features in every Solitaire Social game is a free space that you can use at any time. More specifically, this is a joker card that is used anywhere on your tableau. After it has been placed, on top of the joker card you can put any of your cards. This spell can be very helpful if you have lots of smaller stacks that you struggle to connect. It is another very useful tool that can help you win a round of Solitaire.

Turn Things Around With the Freezer Spell

If you feel like losing the game, you can always use the freezer spell on your opponent, which will freeze their card for 20 seconds. This unique feature will give you an opportunity to turn things around and win additional points. It is advisable to use this spell at the start of the game so you can have the perfect start.

The Shuffle Spell to the Rescue

The shuffle spell is another useful tool in Solitaire Social that shuffles through your face-down cards with the draw pile. After that, the cards will be dealt back to you, which makes different cards available in your discard pile. This spell will also unfreeze your game if your opponent has hit you with a freezer spell. All of this is very useful stuff that can definitely help you take advantage of the game.
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